Just trying to make palm trees my view everyday!


Bridget JonesMy happy place is when I am on holiday. As soon as I touch down in another country and feel the heat (yes hot countries only). It is as if I am a new woman, bye bye Bridget Jones and hello Demi Johnson!



Palm tree’s are literally my thing. Come on I know you all secretly love them just as much as I do. Not only are they a dream to look at, they symbolise so much more. It’s that feeling of being somewhere different, somewhere tropical and full of adventure that I yearn for.



As my blog is called Demi’s bubble of euphoria (aka my escape to my happy place) it’s only fitting that I write about my adventures outside of the UK. I absolutely love going away. I literally work just so that I can pay for flights… oh and for a couple of bikini’s or three. I cannot wait for the day when I wake up open my white satin curtains, walk on my Juliet balcony and see palm tree after palm tree.

So I think its finally time to start sharing my holiday adventures with you, next post Barcelonaaaaaa.

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