Demi enchanted

Diary of a London girl in her twenties, trying to figure out this crazy thing we call life. I want to invite you into my world because some of the events that have happened to me, you literally couldn’t make it up. People say your twenties are a time where you try new things and find your feet. Well, my feet have been swept away by a tsunami and I am currently re-enacting Rose from Titanic. By this I mean that I am currently floating in the middle of the sea and whistling for help. Oh and I let go of Jack, in my case (that fuck boy’s) hand a long time ago.


Some days I wake up and I am amazed at how everyone seems to have their life together but me. It is as if I am floating through life then all of a sudden two years have gone by and I’m thinking “oops, what am I actually doing”. Don’t get me wrong I have a good job, great friends and I am drunk most weekends. But I can’t help but think there has to be more to life than this. What is my plan, what is my next move for world domination?

For the purpose of this blog, I asked my friends to describe me in three words. The consensus seems to be that I am a dreamer. I live in this bubble of love, dreams and fairies. Who’s to tell me that i’m not Cinderella waiting for her new shoes, sorry I mean prince charming.

One of my main downfalls in life has to be that I attract the WORST kind of men possible. Honestly,there should be an award for it. Liars, cheaters and fuck boys come on down.. this is where my life turns into a game show.

6000th Taping Of The Price Is Right

If you also feel a little lost in life and get comfort from my awful decisions. Or if you are a fully stable human being, who is easily amused by a girl that spends all of her money on holidays and falls in love every other week. Then join my journey with me. Hopefully somewhere down the line we will all find what we are looking for.

lips_png6219  Love, Demi enchanted

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