Life is better when it’s hot


Every winter I forget how cold it gets in London. I can’t believe its the 7th of December and I feel like i’m in Antarctica. Is being allergic to the cold a thing? It has to be because all I want to do is grab a warm duvet and snuggle into hibernation for the next six months.

As it is currently minus 5 outside (exaggerating just a little) all I can do is plan my next escape to a hot destination. Get me to a place where I can sit around in bikini’s all day and drink cocktails.

So whilst sitting in bed hot chocolate to hand, lets re-visit some happier, hotter times. In order to give myself some inspiration I am going to take you back to one of my favourite holidays … Croatia.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Whoever came up with the idea of hosting Hideout festival on Zrce Beach, I salute you. However, this won’t be your usual blog post of holiday fabulous-ness. This post will include the coach journey from hell, six girls in a two bed apartment and a friend’s foot attacked by a sea urchin. Because where’s the fun in a normal, relaxing holiday?

One of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life was deciding to travel by coach to Croatia. I must admit my decision making is appalling however, this takes the prize. It took us over 26 hours to drive from London to Croatia. We drove through France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and back to Italy because the coach driver was obviously not qualified for the job. Imagine being stuck on a coach for a whole day, no shower, no food, with your evil ex boyfriend sitting four seats ahead of you. Now do you feel my pain?

Finally the coach from hell stopped and we were in Novalja, Croatia … time to party. I can honestly say I did not come prepared. I expected it to be a bit of harmful partying and catching a tan. Let’s just say I underestimated it completely. Day three was like waking up on a desert island. We had 5 hours sleep between us, two of us had to sleep on the floor with towels as duvets. We had no food, no energy and the thought of walking back down to Zcre beach gave us shivers. However, after the best chicken nuggets and chips in the world we were brought back to life, I was practically a new woman. Get me back to the party.

One of my favourite memories has to be day two. It’s seven in the morning, we had been out all night and decided to stay awake. So off we go to the beach, stopping off at the shop quickly to grab a few desperado’s. We jumped straight in the sea and started swimming around like mermaids, or that’s what I like to believe. Out of nowhere I heard a scream, one of my friends was hurt. “My foot my foot” she shouted, as we dragged her out of the water. I can honestly say I have never been so scared in all my life. There were black needles sticking all round her foot. Her foot looked like the guy out of hell raiser. You can imagine after a long night out, no sleep and probably still drunk. I had no idea what was in her foot or how to help.

In my mind this was the end, her foot was going to be amputated. But a nice Croatian man calmed us down and sent us to the local pharmacy. We were then told that this was common and that it should all heal in a couple of weeks, what an anticlimax.

The holiday got a lot more eventful but I am going to stop the blog post here because I don’t want to spill all my stories. Going through pictures and writing down my memories has inspired me to go back to hideout. I have a feeling that next year I will be prepared for the ultimate party island. So if you think you can handle five crazy days in the scorching heat and non-stop partying, then book your ticket right now!

lips_png6219   Love, Demi enchanted





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