I don’t need boys I need money


I’ve decided to write an inspirational post for all the girls out there that are having man problems at the moment.

Firstly, can someone please tell me why men just cannot seem to act right. Like seriously, their brains must be wired with fuckery and ‘unable to tell the truth’ serum.

But girls you have to remember that even if you honestly believe you have met Voldermort, this is not a reflection on you. Do not blame yourself!

Over the last year, my friends and I have met some of the darkest of lords known to man. You couldn’t make up some of the stuff they’ve done, if you don’t laugh you’ll have to cry.


We’ve experienced the following-

  • Compulsive liars… they will have you believing that the reason why they’ve missed your calls is because their pet monkey chewed their phone and they’ve broken an arm and leg wrestling to get it back.
  • The boy you are seeing having a girlfriend, a side girl, a girl he see’s on the weekend and a girl that he see’s every Sunday after church.
  • Your boyfriend speaking to every Tom, Dick and Harry on social media.
  • Boys with anger issues, like come on it’s not a big deal if I drop a glass.
  • Then there’s the absolute fuckboys.

What all girls need to realise is that we don’t need men, we need money and lots of it. Think about how many tears are wasted stressing out about boys who are, to put it simply… little weirdos.


These boys aren’t going ANYWHERE, focus on your goals and explore what you really want from life. The best thing to do is keep yourself busy by finding out what makes you truly happy. By doing this you will filter out the useless boys first because when you are doing well, a boy that has evil intentions won’t make it past your barrier of happiness.

Unfortunately men will come and go out of you life and if things aren’t working out, there is a reason why. Think back to all of the boys you have dated previously… grab a bottle of wine and talk it through with your best friend. You will probably cringe or laugh your head off, either way you’ve learnt a lot about yourself without even realising. So if you are still waiting for your Mr Right don’t stress he is coming, just focus on you and when he finally arrives you two will be the perfect fit.

P.S. Remember life is too short to have a shit boyfriend!

Love Demi Enchanted lips_png6219

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