Demi Enchanted

IMG_4895Gosh, how depressing was my last post?! Things haven’t been great for me and I couldn’t bring myself to write anything, but here I am. Have you ever been in the situation where something awful happens and you think, surely things can’t get any worse? Well guess what kids it can. The last 18 months have been tragic, you honestly couldn’t make this sh*t up. But I feel like I am finally ready now, i’m back. I’ve always loved to write but the thought of writing down the events that have taken place means that this is real, this is actually happening.

The realisation that my little brother has passed away, I am unhappy all the time whilst also dating the boy version of Satan has finally sunk in and the best thing I can do it write about it.FullSizeRender

So be prepared for jumbled posts about love, sadness, grief, gym, partying, holidays, lifestyle and utter rubbish because this is me. As Jen Sincero would say ‘Love yourself right now, wherever you are at’.

Love Demi Enchanted    lips_png6219

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