I just love going away, nothing beats the feeling of getting off a plane to warm air and sunshine. I am so happy on holiday, I know you are probably think “yeah babe who isn’t” but honestly I am on top form. As soon as I step foot on foreign land the glow up is real. Maybe I’m not British; but a foreign princess taken away from her sunny, palm tree, magical kingdom…one can dream aye.

Anyway enough about me, time to tell you about the best place ever…Marbella. If you’ve never been then jump on a plane and go there now because you’re missing out.  When I say Marbella I mean Puerto Banus because who doesn’t love tanning, shopping and pool parties. To give you the gist of my holiday I ended up prancing around in a bikini all day whilst drinking cocktails, exhibit A below.

There isn’t really much for me to report from this holiday apart from the fact that I sunbathed until the moon came out, quick question can you catch a tan from the moon? I relaxed alottttt! and I am sure at one point I could hear David Attenborough’s voice introducing me to the world as the newest member of the sloth family. Sloth


Last but not least I managed to fit in a cheeky pool party where I drank way too much, danced like a maniac, got videoed by the drone and my sister got thrown in the pool. She said she was taking one for the team so for that I am eternally grateful. To top off the perfect holiday we got the fattest munch and passed out by 9pm, who said relaxing couldn’t be fun.

Love Demi Enchanted lips_png6219





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