Being mum for the week


So my mum decided to go away on holiday and leave my sister and I alone for a whole week! Honestly nearly had a melt down when she told me. Not only do I hate being in the house by myself but the fact that I would have to be mum for the week absolutely terrified me. I know some of you will be reading this and think “is this girl having a laugh” but honestly unlike our cat I am not house trained! So I decided to rise to the occasion and become Cinderella.


Can someone please tell me how my mum manages to go to work, cook, clean, do the washing and all the other stuff that comes with it because I am strugglinggg. How do you fit it all in one day? it’s an impossible task. By the time I come home from work, have a shower, put my PJ’S on. Put the heating on, feed the cat. Then prepare dinner, put the washing on, serve dinner and then take the washing out. Fit in an episode of Towie, make mine and Jess’s lunch for tomorrow and then get my creative juices going and write a post.  By the end of it all I lie on my bed and completely pass out.


With this in mind, I have decided to write a gratitude post not only to my mum but to all the mums out there. I hope you know how amazing you are. Juggling work and running a house is super hard! I was at work worrying all day if I had left the oven and I couldn’t remember if I fed the cat (p.s. don’t tell my mum that).

I am so grateful for my mum and for everything that she does. She is honestly a little dream and I can’t wait for her to come home. I am really excited to be a mum in the future but this week has opened my eyes to how much hard work it is!

We must always be grateful in life because gratitude feeds into the universe. What you put into your life you will get out. Being grateful for what you have whilst striving for what you want will get you where you need/need to be.

I hope this post acts as a little reminder to be grateful always, even for the little things. For all the mums out there, we love you to bits and you are doing an amazing job.

Love Demi Enchanted  lips_png6219

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