Dream job… how do I get you?


I promised a blog post on how to get your dream job. But before I begin I must warn you that this is not going to be easy. If it was, I would be sitting on a yacht right now in my bikini, drinking champagne for a living. Getting your dream job is going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But with enough faith and dedication we can get there together. Please bare in mind that I have not got my dream job yet so I will be on this journey with you.


First things first, do you know exactly what you want to do? if your answer is yes then perfect, carry on reading. If not then please read my previous post. You can only attain your dream job once you know exactly what it is you want to do. The points that I will be outlining below will hopefully apply to any career path that you wish to take, yes even if you want to be an astronaut.


(Side note- you might not know this about me yet but I adore books on self help and positivity, its kind of my thing. So all of the points below will coincide with some of the ideas in my fav books. I will reference all books at the end).

  • Decision time– I know this may seem a bit obvious however, you need to decide that this is 100 percent what you truly want. If you are not committed to giving up everything in pursuit of your dream then it will not work!
  • Research– What do you need to do or know in order to get this job? As they say knowledge is power so do as much research as possible. If you need to intern then so be it.
  • Positive thinking– Always think positive. I recently read that 80% of our thoughts are negative, how mad is that. At times we work against ourselves, we can be our worst enemy. So really focus on keeping them thoughts positive.
  • Determination/ persistence-  Please do not give up. It is going to be tough, you won’t have a lot of money to begin with and people will doubt you. But be persist show them that you were made for this job.
  • Act the part– Act as if you already have the job and before you know it, it will be yours. It is all about the law of attraction think your dream job into existence.
  • Have faith- You’ve got this, you and only you can make this happen.
  • Gratitude- Don’t forget how far you have come and always be grateful.



I am hoping that if we use the principles above and keep pushing we will all make it to our end goal.

Love Demi Enchanted   lips_png6219


Some of my fav books, all are a must read!

  • Think and Grow Rich for Women- written by Sharon Lechter
  • Girl Boss- Written by Sophia Amoruso
  • You Are A Badass- Jen Sincero
  • The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho









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