Live your best life


Some of you might think i’m crazy but I am a big believer in signs. I believe that the universe sends us little signs to point us in the right direction. Lately I have been feeling a little lost. I have recently come out of a two year relationship. I have also been at my current job for three years and I just feel a little deflated. I have been trying to work out my next move but not too sure which direction to take.

Then all of a sudden, I started to see the saying;

                   Live your best life

At first I thought it was a coincidence, but the more I started to hear/see it I am convinced it is a sign. I first saw this statement on Twitter, which I admit is no surprise. Then a few days later I was on the bus to work and a group of girls my age were chatting when out of nowhere, one of the girls turned to her friend and said “are you living your best life”. Which ultimately got me thinking, am I living mine?

Then about a week later I went to a friend’s house and out of the corner of my eye there was a magazine on the floor and the front page said ‘Live your best life’. Now that I had seen/heard this saying a few times, I noticed it straight away and smiled. It wasn’t until I went for a meeting this week with a client from work that it finally hit me. It was 7 pm and we were waiting for the meeting to begin. One of my clients were chatting away about her recent holiday to the Maldives (very jel). One of my other clients must have overheard and said “well we can all see you’re living your best life” and that is when it clicked. Some of you will think it is a coincidence but I think it’s a sign, its time for me to switch it up and start living my best life.


To make sure that I am not going crazy I googled it (yes, google is the answer to everything) and guess what guys, I am not going mad. The universe sending you signs is a thing and it all leads back to the law of attraction.

It’s so easy to get caught up with life that we end up in situations that make us unhappy or jobs that make us miserable. But not anymore, it’s time to go after what we want, it’s time to live our best life.

Universe, you don’t have to tell me twice. This is exactly what I am going to do.

Love Demi Enchanted lips_png6219





7 thoughts on “Live your best life

    1. Heyy, still trying to work towards my best life. My first focus is my happiness and my family, then its time for some holidays. What is your best life?


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