What has happened in New York


My heart sunk when I heard the news of another terror attack, this time in New York. At least eight people have been killed and eleven injured as the driver mowed down people in Lower Manhattan. The fact that this happened on a Tuesday, at 15.00 shows the severity of these kind of attacks. They are happening so often and in broad daylight. I am scared for humanity, as attacks like this are becoming more and more frequent. Is this something that we now have to deal with and get used to?

I feel that people have forgotten that all actions have consequences and ultimately people are going to get hurt. I am in no way condemning the actions of the government, who have forced their way into other countries and torn them apart. But by retaliating and fighting fire with fire, will only end up with all getting burnt. I pray for all of the people involved in the attack and my thoughts and love are with the families suffering.

Life is hard enough without having to deal with the death of a loved one, my heart goes out to you all. I just hope one day we can all live in peace.

Love Demi Enchanted   lips_png6219

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