November- How to create goals and smash them


Hi Lovelies,

I cannot believe that it is 5th November already, time really is flying by. I must admit Autumn/Winter is not my thing. I’m going to sound like Scrooge here but I hate the cold! I don’t really care for Halloween or Bonfire night and I hate having to wear tights. If I could turn into a bear and hibernate for the winter I would.

Anyway enough negativity, it’s a new month and what always comes with a new month? A fresh start to achieve your goals. One thing I always seem to struggle with is prioritising my goals. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed then you end up procrastinating and before you know it a whole month has flown by.

I am going to give you a few little tips and tricks that I have learnt to not only create your goals but to smash them.

  • First decide what you want to achieve. Then write a list separating you short-term goals to your long-term goals.
  • Post-it notes, write down your goals on post-it notes and stick them all around your bedroom. The more you remind yourself of your goals the more likely you are to take steps to achieve them.
  • Take an hour out of everyday and focus on one goal at a time. Make a plan and put it into action.
  • Stay motivated, depending on your goal this could take a while to achieve. Let’s say for example, that you are looking for a new job. For most job hunting can be a drag and extremely disappointing, especially if you don’t hear back right away. But do not get de-motivated, read over you goals and remind yourself why you are doing this.
  • Once you have reached your goal, give yourself a little treat because you deserve it.

I hope everyone’s November is positive, productive and filled with inspiration.

Love Demi Enchanted     lips_png6219

4 thoughts on “November- How to create goals and smash them

    1. Hey Danny, thanks for reading. haha maybe if you left nice messages about her on the post-it notes she might not mind as much 🙂


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