Asking ‘why’ used to be an everyday thing for me. Why do I have to get up? Why do I have to go to work? Why do I have to clean the dishes? Why are things never easy? Why did this happen? Why why why why why why why why?









But one thing I have come to realise is that we are never going to have an answer to all of our whys. Sometimes we will never know why we haven’t won the lottery or why it never worked out with the love of your life. Unfortunately this is what life is all about. Things will go wrong and events will occur without an explanation and no matter how hard you rack your brains and try to give a find a reason for it, sometimes there never is.

But what you have to do is believe in yourself and the timing of your life. If something doesn’t go the way you want, use this as a lesson and learn from it. Life is a blessing in itself and we cannot control the way the world works, trust me I’ve tried.  Always be true to who you are and don’t even question when things go wrong.


Just remember that the universe works in mysterious ways and it will all work out in the end.

Love Demi Enchanted    lips_png6219


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. really nice post. short and sweet. I worked customer service for years and customers would always ask questions like why is this priced this way stuff like that and I always would tell my co-workers that knowing the reason doesn’t change anything. The price is the same whether or not you know why. Same with life. Although when writing using why is helpful as it helps you elaborate and be more insightful. Keep up the good work. Am really loving your posts.

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    1. Hi Danny, thank you really appreciate it 🙂 You are so right, even if we know the reason it doesn’t change anything. It is what it is. Hope you are having a nice evening


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