Wednesday inspiration


This post is inspired by one of my favourite films Cinderella. I know my sister is probably reading this, rolling her eyes and thinking “you say every film is your favourite film”.

I do say this on a regular basis however, this really is one of my favourite films.

                  Have courage and be kind

Not only am I a sucker for fairy tales but I love the messages behind them. Some may argue that in reality you do not get a happily ever after but I disagree. Life is made up of moments and there will be stages when you feel lost but, there will also be times when you feel truly happy. No matter what your current circumstances are, always be true to yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Bad situations do not last forever.

Going into 2018 is going to be hard for us all. The new year means new goals to achieve, things to leave behind, money to save etc. The new year is scary but can also be a much needed fresh start. As long as you go into 2018 with the goal of being a better version of your current self then you cannot go wrong.

You must simply have courage and be kind.

Love Demi Enchanted       lips_png6219


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