Christmas holiday blues- My trip to Portugal

How depressing is January?! It’s absolutely freezing and as soon as I leave the house I want to turn around and crawl back into bed forever. But, instead of wallowing in self-pity I am going to write a blog post about my amazing Christmas holiday to Portugal.

I am one of those people who will go to the same holiday destination over and over if I love it. I know it sounds boring but nothing beats the feeling of going to another country and it feeling like home.

So when we decided to go to Portugal I was a little upset but also excited to explore another Country (immediately downloads all Portuguese app’s and visualizes lots and lots of Nandos.

The day before we flew I caught the flu, just my luck aye. To be honest, I think everyone caught it, so it was only a matter of time before I did. As you can imagine the flight wasn’t the best since I was sneezing all over the place.

Quick little fun fact: Portugal and England have the same time difference. When my mum told me I didn’t believe her so I had to ask. Turns out Mum’s are always right guys. 

Once we landed in Faro-Portugal, we jumped in a cab and went to our hotel. We drove to Albufeira which was about a 30 minute journey. Our hotel was an absolute dream. We stayed at The Cerro Mar Garden apartment’s which had a kitchen and balcony that overlooked the pool and the sea.

The itinerary for this holiday was to relax, chill, sleep, eat, relax and sleep again. I know what you’ve thinking, best holiday ever! The weather was good to us most days. So, let me give you the low down on my typical day in Alburifera.

I would wake up around 9ish, check my phone and have a little pree on Instagram and then go back to sleep. Once I had finally risen from my slumber I would jump in the shower, do all the boring bits then head straight to the kitchen because it’s breakfast timeeeeee. When I am on holiday I am literally the healthiest version of myself. If that is not a sign for me to move abroad I don’t know what is.  Once I had demolished Croissants, fruit and yogurt it’s bikini time. After a couple of hours tanning with a good book, my mum manages to persuade me to go for a walk. We would usually get a little munch on the way (Portuguese MacDonald’s is everything) then we head back to the hotel and go gym, swimming, sauna and steam.

Then it’s finally dinner time. My favourite restaurant had to be this gorgeous, tucked away Italian place, Italian food is my absolute favourite. I live for bruschetta, pizza and pasta and I can honestly say it was the best Italian food I’ve ever had and I’ve been to Italy! Albufeira is a gorgeous little town and I am so happy we visited the time of year that we did. I can imagine it being extremely busy and touristy in the summer. As holidays do, the time literally flew by but it was a perfect place to spend Christmas. We managed to find the local supermarket as this is essential for me as I love buying all things foreign.

Alburifera would be the perfect place to go if you are looking for sun, sea and some quiet time. It is extremely British so if you are looking for culture I wouldn’t suggest going here. The restaurants are catered for British holiday makers along with the places to drink. I can imagine in the summer this small town is heaving with tourists. I would definitely recommend Alburifera and will hopefully end up back here for Christmas again.


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Running away for Christmas


no-santaChristmas is cancelled!

Christmas has always been an amazing time of year for me. I’ve always felt such a rush of gratitude, happiness and love. But when you lose someone, everything changes. You become oblivious to Christmas. Santa who? Don’t get me wrong I am by no means the Grinch but the thought of celebrating Christmas without my baby brother is unthinkable. So instead of driving home for Christmas, we ran away for Christmas. Who wants to be in cold, miserable London anyway, get me to the sun.

As we pull up to our five-star, Thalasso spa hotel my jaw drops. We are not in Kansas anymore (sorry if you’ve never seen The wizard of Oz). I was in complete awe and never felt so at home. Well who wouldn’t with a view like that. My days consisted of waking up for breakfast, napping, eating, napping, eating and well, you get the gist of it.


Breakfast was to die for! I must admit, at home I do not eat breakfast. It’s a terrible habit to have but the thought of having to wake up earlier for breakfast is a no go for me. I can barely wake up as it is. Whereas when I am on holiday I can’t stop eating! Is it just me or does all food taste so much better abroad?

So let me give you the lowdown on my glorious breakfast. For starters I would have three glasses of orange juice and fruit that literally melts in your mouth. Then I would move onto two omelette’s fresh tomatoes, cheese, bread and toast. Next it’s time for pancakes, with whipped cream and syrup. Last but certainly not least I would fill up my plate with mini croissants and doughnuts, just in case I had a little room left over. As you can imagine I put myself in the ultimate food coma, I can officially say this happened every single morning without fail.

After breakfast I would walk down to beach, amazingly I could still walk after all that food. The hotel was so beautiful, peaceful and tranquil that I couldn’t help but feel inspired. So every morning I headed to my favourite spot to write, or when no one was looking, sleep.

For the first time in a while I was able to be creative, it all kind of spilled out of me. I wrote down all my ideas, goals and plans for 2017. Being away allowed me to reflect a lot on my life. There are so many awful things in this world and it will affect us all at some point in our lives. It all depends on how we deal with them. For me happiness will always be the ultimate goal. Whether it is making my family & friends happy or myself, this should always come first.

I must admit the rest of my holiday consisted of me sunbathing, drinking wine and going out to fancy dinners. The spa was an absolute dream and I would have lived in the hotel forever if I could. Going forward I want my blog to focus on positivity and happiness. Life can get extremely hard and dull but if I can stay positive and help others do the same, then I will be a happy girl.

lips_png6219 Love Demi Enchanted