Beauty Products- Getting rid of bad skin

Good Evening Lovelies,

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have started my own beauty business venture and I couldn’t be more excited! I always knew I wanted my own business however, I didn’t want to rush into it until it felt right. I kept putting the idea out into the universe and before you know it I was approached by a really good friend of mine and this is how my beauty business venture begun.

I have always been a lover of beauty products hence why I became a beauty blogger. I think I’ve previously mentioned that I am literally sucked into buying all products. I’ve got to try everything and anything! so when I tried these products, not only did I absolutely love them but I knew they would be the perfect products for me to begin my own beauty business venture with.

Every week I will be writing a post introducing you to a new product. I’ve decided to do my first post surrounding bad skin because at one stage or another we all suffer from bad skin. There will be those lucky souls that have never experienced break outs, or suffered from acne however, there are people that suffer badly at all ages. There are a lot of  products on the market and sometimes you have no idea which ones to choose. Well, look no further because once you have tried these products there is no turning back.

The facial peel and neutraliser is a two step treatment which I will outline below;

AHA Facial Peel (Step 1):
Lactic acid – this aggressive alphahydroxy acid stimulates cell renewal and breaks apart dead cell build up. Chemical exfoliation works to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve texture and reduce the appearance of pores.

AHA Facial Peel Neutraliser (Step 2):  Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract – rich in the antioxidant compound avenanthramides, this extract exhibits exceptional calming properties that soothe the skin and reduce topical sensitivity.

My clients have been amazed by the results and I am sure you will be too. Head over to my Instagram to see my clients results and feel free to message me if you would like anymore information. I will show some of my clients photos below.

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