Christmas holiday blues- My trip to Portugal

How depressing is January?! It’s absolutely freezing and as soon as I leave the house I want to turn around and crawl back into bed forever. But, instead of wallowing in self-pity I am going to write a blog post about my amazing Christmas holiday to Portugal.

I am one of those people who will go to the same holiday destination over and over if I love it. I know it sounds boring but nothing beats the feeling of going to another country and it feeling like home.

So when we decided to go to Portugal I was a little upset but also excited to explore another Country (immediately downloads all Portuguese app’s and visualizes lots and lots of Nandos.

The day before we flew I caught the flu, just my luck aye. To be honest, I think everyone caught it, so it was only a matter of time before I did. As you can imagine the flight wasn’t the best since I was sneezing all over the place.

Quick little fun fact: Portugal and England have the same time difference. When my mum told me I didn’t believe her so I had to ask. Turns out Mum’s are always right guys. 

Once we landed in Faro-Portugal, we jumped in a cab and went to our hotel. We drove to Albufeira which was about a 30 minute journey. Our hotel was an absolute dream. We stayed at The Cerro Mar Garden apartment’s which had a kitchen and balcony that overlooked the pool and the sea.

The itinerary for this holiday was to relax, chill, sleep, eat, relax and sleep again. I know what you’ve thinking, best holiday ever! The weather was good to us most days. So, let me give you the low down on my typical day in Alburifera.

I would wake up around 9ish, check my phone and have a little pree on Instagram and then go back to sleep. Once I had finally risen from my slumber I would jump in the shower, do all the boring bits then head straight to the kitchen because it’s breakfast timeeeeee. When I am on holiday I am literally the healthiest version of myself. If that is not a sign for me to move abroad I don’t know what is.  Once I had demolished Croissants, fruit and yogurt it’s bikini time. After a couple of hours tanning with a good book, my mum manages to persuade me to go for a walk. We would usually get a little munch on the way (Portuguese MacDonald’s is everything) then we head back to the hotel and go gym, swimming, sauna and steam.

Then it’s finally dinner time. My favourite restaurant had to be this gorgeous, tucked away Italian place, Italian food is my absolute favourite. I live for bruschetta, pizza and pasta and I can honestly say it was the best Italian food I’ve ever had and I’ve been to Italy! Albufeira is a gorgeous little town and I am so happy we visited the time of year that we did. I can imagine it being extremely busy and touristy in the summer. As holidays do, the time literally flew by but it was a perfect place to spend Christmas. We managed to find the local supermarket as this is essential for me as I love buying all things foreign.

Alburifera would be the perfect place to go if you are looking for sun, sea and some quiet time. It is extremely British so if you are looking for culture I wouldn’t suggest going here. The restaurants are catered for British holiday makers along with the places to drink. I can imagine in the summer this small town is heaving with tourists. I would definitely recommend Alburifera and will hopefully end up back here for Christmas again.


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What have I learned in 2017?

New years eve is finally upon us, how is everyone feeling? This has been one of the worst years for me. It has been the first full year since my brother passed away. Realisation has started to set in and battling this everyday has been awful. I think it is always good to reflect on the things you have learnt in the year, so here is my list. I am hoping 2018 is a better year and all I can do is try my hardest to make my brother proud.

Things I have learned in 2017;

  • Be grateful, always.
  • My gut feeling is an absolute boss. She is never wrong, listen to her more.
  • To believe in myself and go after what I want.
  • My mum, Jess and best friends are my lifeline, I would be lost without them.
  • Holidays are always a good idea.
  • Trust the timing of your life.
  • A positive mind will lead you to a happy life.
  • Nexflix, fluffy pj’s and my bed are my favourite things in the world.
  • Success can be achieved by hard work, determination and faith in yourself.

I am excited and nervous to be entering 2018. Who knows what this year will bring? I would just like to thank all of my followers and readers for all of your support in 2017.  Happy new year to you all! I have a good feeling that this year will bring us all hope and happiness.

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2018 I am coming for you

Can you believe it’s 3rd December! Time is literally flying by. I have so much going on in the next few weeks up until Christmas which mostly consists of parties, shopping, hangovers, being broke and then finally I am on holiday woohoo. Who’s excited for christmas?

On this lovely cosy Sunday evening I thought I would write a post preparing myself for the new year. I must be honest these last two years of my life have been disastrous. My little brother passed away and my boyfriend and I broke up not so long after. I feel like I’ve lost so much in such a small space of time that the thought of going into a new year terrifies me. Things have changed so much for me and dealing with a loss is extremely difficult, you never know how you are going to feel from one week to the next. But in 2018 and I am going to try my hardest to make my brother proud of me. That means no more silly decisions Dem!

2018 I am coming for you

Nothing will get you more in the mood for the new year than a vision board, so next week my best friends and I are going to meet up, have a girly sleepover and create our vision boards for 2018. How do you feel about entering the new year? Treat 2018 as a chance to press restart and do not let anything or anyone get in your way.

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Healthy mind, Healthy life



I never really understood what it meant to have a ‘healthy mind’. It wasn’t until I read Jen Sincero’s book called ‘How to be a bad ass’ that I realised how many negative thoughts I had floating around in my head. Think of your mind as a mini you. I always imagined my mini me to be like the Lizzie McGuire cartoon (who looked like me of course) and boy is she a bi**h. Not only did she make me second guess every decision I’ve have made, but she is also a procrastinator.


Some of you might be thinking ‘what is this girl talking about’ but take some time out today to really think about your thoughts. How many thoughts are positive? Are you constantly worrying or thinking about the future. Do you want to do something but the little voice inside your head makes you think otherwise? That is your mini me and she/he is working against you.

It’s taken me a while to shake her off and don’t get me wrong, I still have some unhelpful thoughts but I have managed to change my mindset for the better. We only have one life and we need to make the most of it. Always remember that anything is possible! 30 years ago the internet didn’t even exist, yet here I am sitting in a cool cafe blogging about personal development and well being.



By having a good, positive mindset you will be able to overcome anything that life throws at you. So next time your mini me decides to show up give them a little flick and carry on with the rest of your day. Be as positive as possible and focus on what makes you happy.



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Birthday Brat


So it was my birthday on Friday the 13th October (spooky). To be honest the only scaring/annoying thing that happened was my WiFi has stopped working and the light bulb in my room went out. So, I am another year older and wiser. I always get really nostalgic around my birthday, I usually end up crying and stuffing my face with cake while egging myself on “YOU CAN DO IT BRUCE”.


But this year I feel different. I’m motivated to make some much needed changes and get my life together, woohoo go me! Birthdays give you a fresh start, it allows you to let go of the past year and look toward’s the future. I am hoping that this time next year, I will have made some necessary changes. Yesterday I was speaking to my friend Nicki and we were saying how much we wish that the wisdom that we had now, we had when we were 18 years old. But I guess life doesn’t work like that.


Always see your birthday as a new start, another year older and another year wiser. Write a letter to yourself for your next birthday and include all of your goals and dreams. Include all of your feelings, happy and sad. Then seal it up in an envelope and keep it somewhere safe so that you can open it on your next birthday. Not only will this act as motivation for you to reach all of your goals but it will also be nice to see how far you have come. See it as a little present to yourself.

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what’s the lesson you live by?



This is a pretty good question because as a 25-year-old woman I would say that I most definitely haven’t got my life together just yet. I am known for drinking way too many cocktails and moaning that I should have won the lottery by now. However, last year February I had to learn the hardest lesson of all; family is everything. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew family was important but as a teen/young woman you take them for granted.

My 18-year-old brother died suddenly in February 2016 and I must admit I still don’t believe it to this day. I never thought in a million years that I would need to worry about my little brother dying. It’s one of those things you hear about but you think it will never happen to you. You hit a state of shock, a brick wall. For the first six months, I walked around like a zombie. I became so angry that the world just carried on living whilst my entire world had collapsed. Dealing with grief and trying to offer support to my mum and sister is incredibly difficult. This tragedy will haunt us forever and every day I am smacked in the face with different emotions. The loss of someone is never easy and the pain DOES NOT go away.

The only lesson I can learn from this is to treasure everyone and everything because you never know when you will have your last moment with them. I know life gets in the way and mundane things such as work, arguments etc stops us from remembering what is important, but we must snap out of it. Doing well for yourself, getting that promotion, buying your dream car and living the life of luxury will mean nothing if you don’t have your loved ones around you. Without making this post too depressing, I want to use my story as a reminder for us all to be so grateful for all the good things in life. Say I love you every day, spend more time with your family and always do the things that make you happy.



I had to learn the hard way that is life is so tough, we will all have good and bad days. There will be times when you want to give up but don’t! life is so precious so embrace it and have as much fun as possible. This experience has shaped me into a completely different person. I am grateful, fearless and want to make my brother very proud. There will be a time when everyone will go through the pain of losing someone they love but just know you are not alone. Life is short and we only get one chance at it so if you are currently unhappy with your current situation, shake up your entire life. Go after your dream job, get a horse, make a family or move to Hawaii. Do all the things that scare you as this will make life worthwhile. One last thing before I go, always be grateful and never take anyone or anything for granted.


My do’s and don’t for the week;

  • DO go on a major shopping spree on payday and live off beans on toast for the rest of the month.
  • DON’T stalk your ex on Instagram, it will ruin your entire week!
  • DO buy glamour magazine every month just to read Dawn O’ porters column.
  • DON’T compare yourselves to others, you are a badass.
  • DO snooze your alarm, stay in bed longer and blame TFL for the reason why you’re late.
  • DON’T eat that whole packet of biscuits, you will regret it when you finally make it to the gym.

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This feeling will never go away



This post has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write. I’ve heard a few comments from people saying that I seem to be “alright” but unless you have ever lost someone close to you, don’t judge how someone is doing.  No one can prepare you for grief, it eats at you every single day. A year ago I lost my little brother and its killing me inside. The horrible thing about life is that you are expected to keep on living, go back to normal. You want to break down but you can’t because then you feel like you are being the weak one. Everybody is hurting yet no one will ever understand your pain.

My brother is the most amazing man I have ever met, honestly no one can compare. He is the man of our house and I have never and will never meet a man with such amazing qualities. He is the most loyal and fearless person I know. He has and will always be my inspiration.

I miss him so much it’s killing me. I miss chasing him around the house when he’s driving me mad. I miss him walking into my room without knocking, asking me if he looks nice. I miss his million phone calls a day asking me to pick him up. I miss ordering a ‘fat munch’ with him and not even eating half of it. I miss his beautiful smile and his contagious laugh. I miss his voice and hearing him say “don’t worry Dem I’ve got you”. I would do absolutely anything in the world for him and it hurts not being able to see him everyday.

It definitely does not get easier, the feelings of pain and loss will always be there, I think you just learn to hide it better. Everyday you wake up you a faced with a different emotion, whether it be angry, sadness or loneliness you just end up feeling really lost. Grieving is not easy and there are days that I hate the whole entire world and it’s sh**!

I wanted to write this post not only to express how I am feeling but to be a source of comfort for all sister’s that have lost a sibling. This is one of the worst things that can happen in life but just remember you are not alone.

P.S. Please feel free to contact me if you are in the same situation and would like to talk 🙂

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