Perfect getaway



fullsizerenderSun, Sangria and shopping, what more could you want from a cheeky weekend away.

Landing in Barcelona, you cannot help but feel like you have been picked up and dropped into a magical land of fabulousness.


As I strolled down the streets of Barcelona I couldn’t help but picture my everyday life here. I could wake up every morning, do the bakery run and stop off at the smoothie shop. I could be that girl running in the morning with her hair flicking from side to side.










Anyway that’s enough of my daydreaming… Lets talk about my fanciful weekend away. If you haven’t been to Barcelona yet, then by then end of the this post you will be rushing, or shall I say sprinting to the airport.

Day One- Touch down on foreign soil and first things first. Drop off your bags baby girl and head into those delightful, sunny streets.

The views are absolutely unreal! It’s amazing how you can walk down the most romantic, dainty little streets and then all of a sudden you are greeted with palm trees and shops that you would expect to see in Beverly Hills. Mum i’m home…

Sagrada La Familia is a place that you absolutely must visit when in Barcelona, oh and don’t forget the W hotel. Now I understand why Drake said “meet me at the W”. Instead of listing places you should go I am going to make it a little more personal because everyone loves a holiday story.

So, one night my friend and I decided to stay in and make dinner. We went food shopping, which was an experience in itself, but let me not get into that. Grabbing as much pasta as we could and two bottles of prosecco we head back. Dinner was a dream and the fizzy wine was going down a little too well to say the least. Half an hour later after singing out hearts out, we are dressed and ready to hit the town. Lets just back track here and remember me saying earlier “lets have a chilled night in”.

So we hit the town, Demi and Sydney take Barca. We went for cocktails at the Doubletree Hilton and called our Spanish friend (we met him earlier that day) to meet us and take us to the best club in Barcelona. Five cocktails later, getting low to Fetty Wap and nearly having a fight with some Spanish girls. We end up back at the our apartment and absolutely starving. So, it was only right that we decide to re-create our dinner from the night before and put some pasta on.

All of a sudden I wake up, laying front-faced into the sofa with the same outfit I was wearing the night before. I look up, my head pounding. As I winch at the pain, I shout for Sydney. Over on the opposite sofa Syd is curled into a ball hugging her boot, whilst the other one is still on her foot. A sense of dread suddenly snapped my body into action, what is the time? and what happened to the pasta (my belly rumbles). I check the time and it is 09.30am, that’s it then … we’ve missed our flight. Sydney and I look over at each other a burst in tears, not sure if this was from laughing or crying, “what are we going to do” we laughed to each other. So we did the most logical thing possible. We walked to MC Donald’s in our pj’s, got some food and went straight to bed. We decided to deal with the aftermath tomorrow.