What’s meant to be, will always find a way


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had this idea in my head about how I want my life to go. In an ideal world I would be waking up to my five bedroom villa in Spain. Having breakfast with my gorgeous husband whilst drinking champagne overlooking the sea. But in reality I wake up every morning freezing, sit on a packed tube and drag myself into work. Real life has no chill however, it is not all doom and gloom little hunnies. It’s taken me a while to realise this but life really does work in mysterious ways. There has been so many situations in my life that would never occurred if I decided to take a different route. Everything is connected and is taking me on this crazy journey.

If you take a step back and think about every job you’ve taken, boy you’ve dated or party you’ve gone to, this is shaping your life and is taking you to your very own happy place.

What I need to keep reminding myself is, I don’t get to have another chance at living life (well this life anyway, for those that believe in reincarnation). I need to do absolutely everything and anything because I don’t want to have any regrets. So my advice to you is; write a list of everything you want to get/achieve and just go for it. Life is so short and we never know when it’s time for our story to end. So really start to enjoy life, work hard and never give up on love.

There are so many different paths that your life can take and ultimately we make the decisions. So instead of focusing on what we want from life and getting disheartened if it doesn’t happen, we should just focus on being happy because what is meant to be will always find it’s way.

Love Demi Enchanted lips_png6219



Running away for Christmas


no-santaChristmas is cancelled!

Christmas has always been an amazing time of year for me. I’ve always felt such a rush of gratitude, happiness and love. But when you lose someone, everything changes. You become oblivious to Christmas. Santa who? Don’t get me wrong I am by no means the Grinch but the thought of celebrating Christmas without my baby brother is unthinkable. So instead of driving home for Christmas, we ran away for Christmas. Who wants to be in cold, miserable London anyway, get me to the sun.

As we pull up to our five-star, Thalasso spa hotel my jaw drops. We are not in Kansas anymore (sorry if you’ve never seen The wizard of Oz). I was in complete awe and never felt so at home. Well who wouldn’t with a view like that. My days consisted of waking up for breakfast, napping, eating, napping, eating and well, you get the gist of it.


Breakfast was to die for! I must admit, at home I do not eat breakfast. It’s a terrible habit to have but the thought of having to wake up earlier for breakfast is a no go for me. I can barely wake up as it is. Whereas when I am on holiday I can’t stop eating! Is it just me or does all food taste so much better abroad?

So let me give you the lowdown on my glorious breakfast. For starters I would have three glasses of orange juice and fruit that literally melts in your mouth. Then I would move onto two omelette’s fresh tomatoes, cheese, bread and toast. Next it’s time for pancakes, with whipped cream and syrup. Last but certainly not least I would fill up my plate with mini croissants and doughnuts, just in case I had a little room left over. As you can imagine I put myself in the ultimate food coma, I can officially say this happened every single morning without fail.

After breakfast I would walk down to beach, amazingly I could still walk after all that food. The hotel was so beautiful, peaceful and tranquil that I couldn’t help but feel inspired. So every morning I headed to my favourite spot to write, or when no one was looking, sleep.

For the first time in a while I was able to be creative, it all kind of spilled out of me. I wrote down all my ideas, goals and plans for 2017. Being away allowed me to reflect a lot on my life. There are so many awful things in this world and it will affect us all at some point in our lives. It all depends on how we deal with them. For me happiness will always be the ultimate goal. Whether it is making my family & friends happy or myself, this should always come first.

I must admit the rest of my holiday consisted of me sunbathing, drinking wine and going out to fancy dinners. The spa was an absolute dream and I would have lived in the hotel forever if I could. Going forward I want my blog to focus on positivity and happiness. Life can get extremely hard and dull but if I can stay positive and help others do the same, then I will be a happy girl.

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Perfect getaway



fullsizerenderSun, Sangria and shopping, what more could you want from a cheeky weekend away.

Landing in Barcelona, you cannot help but feel like you have been picked up and dropped into a magical land of fabulousness.


As I strolled down the streets of Barcelona I couldn’t help but picture my everyday life here. I could wake up every morning, do the bakery run and stop off at the smoothie shop. I could be that girl running in the morning with her hair flicking from side to side.










Anyway that’s enough of my daydreaming… Lets talk about my fanciful weekend away. If you haven’t been to Barcelona yet, then by then end of the this post you will be rushing, or shall I say sprinting to the airport.

Day One- Touch down on foreign soil and first things first. Drop off your bags baby girl and head into those delightful, sunny streets.

The views are absolutely unreal! It’s amazing how you can walk down the most romantic, dainty little streets and then all of a sudden you are greeted with palm trees and shops that you would expect to see in Beverly Hills. Mum i’m home…

Sagrada La Familia is a place that you absolutely must visit when in Barcelona, oh and don’t forget the W hotel. Now I understand why Drake said “meet me at the W”. Instead of listing places you should go I am going to make it a little more personal because everyone loves a holiday story.

So, one night my friend and I decided to stay in and make dinner. We went food shopping, which was an experience in itself, but let me not get into that. Grabbing as much pasta as we could and two bottles of prosecco we head back. Dinner was a dream and the fizzy wine was going down a little too well to say the least. Half an hour later after singing out hearts out, we are dressed and ready to hit the town. Lets just back track here and remember me saying earlier “lets have a chilled night in”.

So we hit the town, Demi and Sydney take Barca. We went for cocktails at the Doubletree Hilton and called our Spanish friend (we met him earlier that day) to meet us and take us to the best club in Barcelona. Five cocktails later, getting low to Fetty Wap and nearly having a fight with some Spanish girls. We end up back at the our apartment and absolutely starving. So, it was only right that we decide to re-create our dinner from the night before and put some pasta on.

All of a sudden I wake up, laying front-faced into the sofa with the same outfit I was wearing the night before. I look up, my head pounding. As I winch at the pain, I shout for Sydney. Over on the opposite sofa Syd is curled into a ball hugging her boot, whilst the other one is still on her foot. A sense of dread suddenly snapped my body into action, what is the time? and what happened to the pasta (my belly rumbles). I check the time and it is 09.30am, that’s it then … we’ve missed our flight. Sydney and I look over at each other a burst in tears, not sure if this was from laughing or crying, “what are we going to do” we laughed to each other. So we did the most logical thing possible. We walked to MC Donald’s in our pj’s, got some food and went straight to bed. We decided to deal with the aftermath tomorrow.