How to get out of your comfort zone?

Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone

This quote has literally changed my life. I know it’s basic and pretty much common sense, but the moment I read it in the book ‘how to get from where you are to where you want to be’ by Jack Canfield it really resonated with me. If you haven’t read this book yet then please do! It really is a game changer.  I used to think I was quite an out-going girl. A girl who would go for what she wants and willing to try new things. Little did I know that I am so confined and comfy in my comfort zone that I didn’t even notice the zone to begin with.


Have you ever found yourself saying all the things that you would want in life but never actually doing anything about it? Well, yeah that’s me. Although I would describe myself as having a good work ethic I know that right now everything I am doing is within my comfort zone.

It seems we can all say what we want, but we never put it into action. This is either  because we we are too lazy, not sure how to begin or because it is outside of our happy, comfortable bubble that we have created. Well huns I am here to tell you that it’s time to leave your nice, cosy king-size bed with extra blankets comfort zone.

If you are super happy with your life and wouldn’t change a thing, then obviously don’t leave your bed because it sounds amazing however, I am sure there might be one part of your life that you would like to work on. If there is then stay tuned because I am going to give you some helpful tips to step out your comfort zone into the wonderful world of opportunities.

Step 1. Decide which areas in your life need a little tweak and write it down. You won’t be able to change things until you have identified what needs to be changed.

Step 2. If you carry on doing the same thing you will get the same results. So try something completely new. If you are looking for new business, speak to different people. Make an ad for your business or turn to social media. If you want to get a promotion, speak to your boss and advise them why you want and deserve it. If you want to meet the love of your life, go out to different places, join a dating website. Do something that you wouldn’t normally do.

Step 3. Gain knowledge and ask for help, you don’t have to do this alone. There are loads of people that are willing to help you. Buy books and search the internet, there is so much infomation available.

Step 4. Keep pushing. It is going to get uncomfortable and you might face new obstacles everyday but remember anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Step 5. Write down every new thing you do and review it in three months. You will be amazed by the results and proud of yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone.

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Why self-love is so important…


I never really understood the notion of self-love. I always thought it was a bit cringe or something that people focused on after a break-up. But once I hit my twenties I finally realised why self love is so important. For one reason or another life gets in the way and our own health and well-being goes right out the window. The older we get the less we tend to look after ourselves physically and mentally. When was the last time you had some ‘you’ time?


Self-love is not only about looking after your mind and body but it’s also about loving yourself unconditionally, flaws included. It’s about discovering who you are as a person, the things you like and don’t like and being true to yourself. We live in a world where we seek validation and approval from others. We compare ourselves and criticize our own decisions. In some cases, we become our own worst enemy. This is why learning to love yourself is so important because if you do not love yourself, how do you expect other people to love you. If you are constantly putting yourself down, this is the image you are portraying to the world. When you practice self-love and accept yourself fully, amazing things will happen. You will no longer settle for half-ass relationships or not going for that promotion that you’ve been dreaming about. You will have the confidence to strive for what you truly want in life with no regrets. You won’t need to seek validation from anyone because you know you’ve got your own back.

Some people have a misconception of self-love. It not about being selfish and excluding yourself from the world. It’s about understanding and appreciating who you are as a person. Once you are aware of who you are and want you want life you can start to put this into practice.

For the next month, I want you to focus on yourself as much as possible. Do all of the things that you want to do. Run yourself a bath, order a take-away, get a baby sitter and have a night out. Write a list of all of the things you want to achieve this year. Note down the things that make you happy and stop doing things that make you unhappy. Once you learn to love yourself completely everything else will follow.

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What have I learned in 2017?

New years eve is finally upon us, how is everyone feeling? This has been one of the worst years for me. It has been the first full year since my brother passed away. Realisation has started to set in and battling this everyday has been awful. I think it is always good to reflect on the things you have learnt in the year, so here is my list. I am hoping 2018 is a better year and all I can do is try my hardest to make my brother proud.

Things I have learned in 2017;

  • Be grateful, always.
  • My gut feeling is an absolute boss. She is never wrong, listen to her more.
  • To believe in myself and go after what I want.
  • My mum, Jess and best friends are my lifeline, I would be lost without them.
  • Holidays are always a good idea.
  • Trust the timing of your life.
  • A positive mind will lead you to a happy life.
  • Nexflix, fluffy pj’s and my bed are my favourite things in the world.
  • Success can be achieved by hard work, determination and faith in yourself.

I am excited and nervous to be entering 2018. Who knows what this year will bring? I would just like to thank all of my followers and readers for all of your support in 2017.  Happy new year to you all! I have a good feeling that this year will bring us all hope and happiness.

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Being mum for the week


So my mum decided to go away on holiday and leave my sister and I alone for a whole week! Honestly nearly had a melt down when she told me. Not only do I hate being in the house by myself but the fact that I would have to be mum for the week absolutely terrified me. I know some of you will be reading this and think “is this girl having a laugh” but honestly unlike our cat I am not house trained! So I decided to rise to the occasion and become Cinderella.


Can someone please tell me how my mum manages to go to work, cook, clean, do the washing and all the other stuff that comes with it because I am strugglinggg. How do you fit it all in one day? it’s an impossible task. By the time I come home from work, have a shower, put my PJ’S on. Put the heating on, feed the cat. Then prepare dinner, put the washing on, serve dinner and then take the washing out. Fit in an episode of Towie, make mine and Jess’s lunch for tomorrow and then get my creative juices going and write a post.  By the end of it all I lie on my bed and completely pass out.


With this in mind, I have decided to write a gratitude post not only to my mum but to all the mums out there. I hope you know how amazing you are. Juggling work and running a house is super hard! I was at work worrying all day if I had left the oven and I couldn’t remember if I fed the cat (p.s. don’t tell my mum that).

I am so grateful for my mum and for everything that she does. She is honestly a little dream and I can’t wait for her to come home. I am really excited to be a mum in the future but this week has opened my eyes to how much hard work it is!

We must always be grateful in life because gratitude feeds into the universe. What you put into your life you will get out. Being grateful for what you have whilst striving for what you want will get you where you need/need to be.

I hope this post acts as a little reminder to be grateful always, even for the little things. For all the mums out there, we love you to bits and you are doing an amazing job.

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I hate work get me out of hereeeeeee!


So you’ve changed your mind-set at work. You’ve started going in earlier and making an effort. You spoke to your boss about your concerns and nothing has changed. You even tried to make friends with your colleagues and you have come to the conclusion that they are all dryyy.

The decision has been made and you need to get out of there, time to get you that dream jobbbbb! job

  • Let’s start with the basics, what do you want to do? take as long as you need to decide because once you do, you are going to have to do everything it takes to get this job. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the experience, we will get to that in later blog posts.
  • If you are still struggling with what you would like to do, do not threat. Think about what you enjoy doing or what you think you are good at. Ask your family and friends what they could they see you doing? meet new people, do some research. Google every job you are interested in, yes even if you want to be an astronaut google the hell out of it.
  • If money is an issue then work as much as possible at your current job and in your spare time focus all your energy on your future, only you can make this happen.


  • You already know that your current job isn’t for you so you are half way there. Rack your brains until you finally decide and once you’ve made this decision get excited because we are going to get you this job.

Next post will be on -How to get your dream job.



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How to be happy at work

This is going to be my first post on happiness! When I mean happy I mean super, super happy in all aspects of life… let the games begin.

This month I will be focusing on work work work work work. This seems fit as we spend most of our lives working away, so let’s start there. There are them lucky little souls that absolutely love their job, jump out of bed and rush to work. Then there are the normal people…  only playing,  but there are others that drag their feet to work and dread every second of it. So for the whole of August I will be focusing on how to be happy in your job or how to get the hell out of there. Whichever one you decide to do, you will feel better and happier for it.

So… how to be happy at work

Step 1- Try to identity the reason why you are unhappy at work. Is it the job role? The people? waking up at 7.00am everyday (I feel you on this one). Write a list of all the reasons you can think of in order to identity the problems.

Step 2– Now that we know all of the issues, we now have something to work with. If the problem is the job role, you might want to discuss this with you manager and see if you can pass this to someone else or you could consider applying for a different role within the company.

  • If you are purely working for money and hate your job completely then just focus on all the money that you are making. If you are enthusiastic and work harder there is always a possibility for a pay rise or to be promoted.
  • If you hate the people, try getting to know your colleagues. You have to work with these people day in day out, there must be something you have in common. If you’ve honestly tried everything and you still can’t stand them try to see if you can be transferred to somewhere else. Remember you always have options.

Step 3– Forget about work and focus on what you love to do outside work. what is your favourite hobby? what makes you extremely happy? Whilst you are in work, think about what you plan to do when you finish. If you focus enough on what you love doing, you could make this your full-time job one day!

I used to hate working, like the whole idea of getting up and having to actually talk to others killed me. I don’t have my dream job yet but as long as I make this my end goal, the jobs I do along the way will be the stepping stones to something greater.

So change your attitude, focus on you and keep pushing for your dream job. We will get there in the end. 

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Gratitude will lead you to greatness

It’s so easy to forget about the things that we already have because we are so focused on getting the things we want. I must admit this statement literally sums up my whole life. I get so distracted by all my dreams andR._Kelly_-_The_World's_Greatest material things, I forget about all of the wonderful things I already have… like actually being alive and breathing on a planet that is constantly spinning!

Being motivated and determined to get what you want is all well and good but one of the worst feelings in this world is losing something that you always expected to have around… for example your head, only joking but you see where I am going with this. For those that have been watching Love Island, you know what I mean.

We need to be thankful for everything and everyone because as morbid as it sounds, nothing lasts forever. Once we begin to realise the amazing things we already have in our lives our attitude, frequency and life experiences will automatically change.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetPic of me being all grateful and sh**t (I’m smiling on the inside).

Being grateful will lead us to greatness because every time you ‘win’ at life you will be over the moon. Even if it’s getting the last chocolate bar or winning £10 on a scratchcard. This could go all the way up to landing your dream job or meeting your soulmate. Every win will make you feel amazing.

Trust me the universe will reward you with everything you desire just be grateful, patient and don’t lose sight of your dreams.


So make sure you show your family and friends how much they mean to you, write little thank you notes to the universe and never take anything for granted.


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